Trivia Thursday #16

Hey Ice Warriors!

Hope you are all having a great Thursday! Before we start off this edition of Trivia Thursday, please give a huge congrats to PranEt3rnal, and Glitter on being the first to answer all the questions correctly from last week’s Trivia Thursday, amazing job! Let’s check out the answers from last week’s Trivia Thursday:

1) Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Dark Warriors

2) Kally

3) The IW salute

4) You could have named: Alex, Madhav, OrangeBen, FlamezShinde, Regan

5) Being Private First Class and being on our Discord server for a week

How does Trivia Thursday work? Well If you don’t know, you’re in luck! How Trivia Thursday works is I will be giving you a set of questions below. The first 3 people to get all the answers right will win SNOWFLAKES! The winners for this Trivia Thursday and the answers to the questions below will be featured next week. Now let’s see this weeks trivia questions:

1) What is the role you can obtain by spending 8000 snowflakes at the shop?

2) Which CPR battle room floats on water?

3) Name an IW Trusted Staff rank?

4) What is one of the ways to get a promotion in IW?

5) Which channel on our Discord server showcases the daily schedules?

Make sure to comment below the answers to all these questions once you have figured them out, for a chance to get snowflakes and be featured on next week’s Trivia Thursday! Lastly, make sure to check out #events-information for the next CPR event. Good luck Warriors!

Don’t freeze up!

9 Responses

  1. 1. Knight
    2. Iceberg
    3. Ice Warlord
    4. Attend CPR Events
    5. Games Centre


  2. knight, iceberg, ice commander, be kind and help out troops in main chat, game centre 😛


  3. 1.) Knight
    2.) Iceberg
    3.) Ice Commander (2ic)
    4.) By attending our CPR events, you get a chance to get promoted at our weekly promo party.
    5.) Games Centre


  4. 1. Knight
    2. Iceberg
    3. Ice Commander
    4. Recruiting
    5. Games Center


  5. 1. Knight
    2. Iceberg
    3.Ice Warlord [3ic]
    4. Attend events
    5. Games centre


  6. I know I’m VERY late cus I don’t know how this works but er- here you go
    1. Knight
    2. Iceberg
    3. Ice Warlord [3iC]
    4. Attend CPR Events (#events-information psst go react)
    5. Games Centre


  7. 1) Knight
    2) Iceberg
    3)Ice Warlord
    4)Attend events in cpr
    5)Games centre


  8. 1) Knight
    2) Technically the entire island, but I’m guessing you’re looking for Iceberg as the answer
    3) Ice Commander
    4) Attending our cpr events! (ps. dm a staff member to help you make an account)
    5) Games Centre


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