Meme Monday: Is Kally Really a Ladder?

Happy Monday, Ice Warriors! It’s time to brighten your Monday up with a meme post! We’ve been doing a LOT of compilations lately, so now it’s time for something new! There has recently been a ladder (Kally) added to our list of leaders, but why is everyone calling her a ladder? Continue reading to find out where this meme originated from!

It all started on April 25th, the day Kally would be promoted to ladder. Before the event we always have some hype, so troops and staff were chanting things like “NEW LEADER ANNOUNCED TODAY” and so on. Of course, a lot of our staff members cannot spell whatsoever and someone (definitely not me) misspelled leader as ladder. 

After this unnamed staff member misspelled leader multiple times, more people started calling her a ladder. Did she even deny it? No, because she’s cool like that I guess (even though she isn’t that cool… don’t tell her I said that). She admitted that she was a ladder and moved on. Of course, we would’ve never known this if it weren’t for me. Thank me please, guys. Please.

Even after the event, people kept calling her a ladder. She now identified as a ladder. If you call Kally a leader and not a ladder you are exceptionally lame and you need to stay 160 feet away from me. For my health. This meme has definitely spiced up Ice Warriors and made it fun for everyone, except for me because it’s making fun of my spelling.

That’s all for this week’s Meme Monday! What’s your favorite IW-related meme? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to check #events-information for our next event, and until then, waddle on!

Proud Daughter of a Ladder

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