Troop, Recruiter and Staff Member of the Week: May 17th 2021

Hey there Ice Warriors!

It’s a brand new week! This past week has been incredible with many fun packed events, we scaled the mountains of Club Penguin, had an epic divisional battle with our brother allies RPF and much more! Time to announce our new Troop, Recruiter and Staff of the week! 

Troops of the Week: Princesspiya & Sirgoncalo!

PrincessPiya is really sweet and kind! She has been attending so many of our events and has also been working really hard in the Ice Warriors Recruiting Regiment. Thank you Piya! Below is a photo of Piya rocking the miners hat from one of our mining takeover events! 

Sirgoncalo is also a resident Ice Warrior troop who has climbed the ranks super quick by attending a tonne of our CPR events! He hardly misses any! Thank you for your dedication Sirgoncalo! Check out his epic customised IW uniform below!

Our Troops of the week; Princesspiya & Sirgoncalo! Congratulations!

Recruiter of the Week: Penguin!

This week, Penguin is our Recruiter of the Week! She’s been working extremely hard in inviting new members into the Ice Warriors Family! Thank you Penguin for all your hard work! Penguin also makes alot of incredible art which you can find in #fan-art. Check out one of her pieces below which celebrates Ice Warriors win for the March Madness Finals!

IW ~ MM Champs! by our Recruiter of the Week, Penguin!

Staff Members of the Week: Crisy & Bean!

Did you know that Crisy was the first ever SMOTW?! Crisy aka Ice Mom has been working incredibly hard this week, she is one one of the heads of the Ice Warriors Recruiting Regiment and has helped so many troops learn how to recruit. Crisy has over 70 kids in the server! :E5: She’s always making the server a welcoming place for all new troops and staff! She’s also put a lot of effort into the Staff Bonding Sessions, thank you Crisy for everything you do for the Ice Family!

Crisy, the Ice Mom, is obsessed with hugs!

Bean, some of you may know him at qtBen/Ben/Bean/Turtle, has been with Ice Warriors for such a LONG time! He recently joined the trusted staff team and has been amazing at doing his duties as a trusted staff member. He’s always there ensuring that staff chat doesn’t become another main chat :XD: He’s also super encouraging and hypes other staff members when they do something well in Ice Warriors. Thank you Bean for all your amazing work!

qtBen officially decided to become a… Bean XD!

Be sure to congratulate PrincessPiya, Sirgoncalo, Penguin, Crisy & Bean when you see them on main chat! Maybe next week you’ll be selected and as always, remember to…

Love Yourselves!

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