Meme Monday: Anniversary Edition

Hey Ice Warriors!

I hope you’ve all had an amazing week! As you all know, tomorrow marks the 14th year anniversary of the Ice Warriors’ existence, a community with such an extensive history! As we celebrate the army’s fourteen years, it’s time to have a little throwback to some of the awesome memes created by members of the IW community, which has never ceased to make us laugh and brighten up our day! Keep reading to have a look at some popular memes from the past that many of you may either be very familiar with or come to learn about!

First off, we have the infamous ‘How do I ‘joni’ meme’ from former IW leader, Alex. This particular meme originated last year in March 2020, back when the IW community was significantly increasing in popularity. Now usually, new members of the community would’ve asked how they’d join the army. But on one fateful day, a certain troop had joined the IW Discord and asked what no one had ever asked before in IW. ‘ As we all know, this troop would go on to become an amazing leader and have many achievements in IW later that year. But to this day, I don’t believe anyone has actually explained how someone can actually ‘joni’.


Next up, we have the popular ‘I am Alberto’ meme that came about last year in May, when the IW community was gradually rebuilding itself. Around that time, a mysterious figure named Alberto had joined the Discord and went on to have many achievements, including leading his own army and becoming IW Mythic. There have even been suspicions to this day that Alberto was in fact former leader and IW Mythic, Regan, a theory that I believe to be completely absurd. But if it was true, we have him to thank for bringing such a random yet popular meme into the IW community!


Thirdly, we have the notorious ‘Water Sniffer’ meme linked to Trusted Staff member, Clindsz. This meme kicked off in October 2020, when rumors arose that Clindsz seemed to be a huge fan of water, perhaps way more than others. Whilst she has constantly denied ‘sniffing’ water, this meme has become a widespread favorite amongst IW. The question still remains though: is Clindsz really a water sniffer?


Next, we have the hilarious ‘Staff in Toilet’ meme created by Trusted Staff member, FreedomistThis meme is best understood by looking at Freedom’s history in the army community. Freedom has had a fair history of leading experience within CPA, most notably within the Templars army. Let’s just say that one of his leading experiences there, interestingly enough, involved a toilet and leave it at that.



Lastly, we have a more recent meme of our leader, LawCorazon, a huge reminder of just how important is to put your name down in the Snowflakes & Promotions channel after attending an event. Don’t forget, or else you may be lucky enough to find Law or someone else in your DMs!

That wraps up some of the throwback memes for this week! Thank you to everyone involved in creating these throwback memes and also to the IW community for always creating new memes and finding ways to make us all laugh!

Which of these throwback memes was your favorite? Feel free to post in the comment section to let us know! Remember to post your memes in the #iw-memes channel for a chance for your meme to be featured in the next Meme Monday!

Ice Warriors Forever!

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  1. can someone please explain how i joni?


  2. I love this

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