Trivia Thursday #20

Hey Ice Warriors!

I hope you are all having an amazing Thursday! Before we start off this new edition of Trivia Thursday, please give a huge congrats to Et3rnal_Vo1d and TheNathanBoy on being the first to answer all the questions correctly from last week’s Trivia Thursday, great job! Let us move on to checking out the answers from last week’s Trivia Thursday:

1.) 85

2.) 11/28/2020

3.) Regan

4.) Freeze

5.) DrQueen and Josh

How does Trivia Thursday work? If you don’t know I will be explaining it to you. How this works is I will be giving you a set of questions below (specifically 5). The first 3 people to get all the answers right will win SNOWFLAKES that you can use to buy roles! The winners for this Trivia Thursday and the answers to the questions below will be featured next week. Now let’s see this weeks trivia questions:

1.) Name one IW Advisor that has IW Legend.

2.) What was the only way you could obtain the Clover Crusher role?

3.) Name the 3 most recent IW Icon’s.

4.) What is one army we are allied with?

5.) Name a Major General that is in the AUSIA division.

Make sure you comment below the answers to these 5 questions once you think you have found them out for a chance to have snowflakes given to you and to be featured on next week’s Trivia Thursday! Lastly, make sure to check out #events-information for the next event on CPR to get ready for Legends Cup. Good luck and have fun!

The Ice Warriors now have a Patreon! If you wish to support our Website, our Discord server and our Minecraft server, please consider joining our Patreon, which includes perks such as custom roles, custom emojis and more on our Discord server! ->

4 Responses

  1. 1) Flamez
    2) Attending March Madness
    3) LawCorazon, Kally, Orange
    4) RPF
    5) Cloudy


  2. Shinde

    Attending the March Madness 2021 Finals vs ACP

    LawCorazon, Kally and Orange




  3. 1) Regan
    2) Join and win the MM 2021 Final
    3) Law, Kally, Orange
    4) Fire Warriors
    5) Me (Cloudy)


  4. 1.) Shinde (lub you)

    2.) Attending march madness finals vs acp, 2021

    3.) Orange, Kally LawAboozCorazon

    4.) silver empire

    5.) cloudy the qt uwu


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