Fan Art Friday #27

Why hello there, Ice Warriors,

This week has gone off strong, hasn’t it? Fun events we’ve had these past days, from the AUSIA Dance with WV, to the Blue Vs Red Showdown this Wednesday. With the upcoming annual Legends Cups XI, we need to be prepared and active to earn the victory once more.

This week’s Fanart Friday, we will be featuring some amazing art that our troops and IW Veterans made. If you are new to this, let me briefly explain. Fanart Friday is a weekly show of some of the best art that you all provide us with. If you would like to participate in next week’s FAF, make sure to post your art in the #fan-art channel, for a chance of being featured in the next post.

Without any further ado, let us proceed with this week’s featured art.


First off, we have a Sea Demon Hunter Boat by none other than our Head General, Teny!

What’s the story behind this Illustration?

Teny: Ah. Well, the story behind it is complex I guess. I don’t know when I thought of it but when I was starting to draw, I thought of boats cause I’m not good at drawing those, then I started adding guns and other stuff to the boat, then voila: “Thysterin” was made. Thysterin is tent language for Grandmaster.

Very interesting indeed.


Next up, we have Skylor with a Thank you card!

You have a very unique style of art, is there any type of story, or meaning for this Thank you card?

Skylor: It was made for graduation thank you cards.

Great job on making such a masterpiece.


Here we have Crisy’s Ice Type Milotic, by none other than Trusted Staff… Josh!

Your style of art is really interesting and attractive to look at, how do you make this type of art? Do you follow any procedures?

Josh: So art like this is a lot of trial and error. The main procedure I tend to follow is to replicate the main picture as much as I could, just to keep in mind that all my other art pieces I was able to make by going off an image. Afterwards, when I am able to illustrate the main photo is when I use varying colors like that.

Love the dedication! 


Next up, IW’s Veteran Roman!, with Flower.

Was this a project for school or did you felt like drawing a flower?

Roman: I’m out of school for the summer, I just saw the contest and I thought like that Bilbo Baggins meme: “After all, why not? Why shouldn’t I draw a flower?”

True talent right there 


Last, but not least. IW’s Veteran, Minidynamo [chleb] with a digital drawing of her Boyfriend and His twin Brother!

I’ve always liked your digital art, fancy and realistic as a picture! Can you explain briefly the process you go through while drawing?

Chleb: I always hunt for a reference picture that I like. I always plan what I want to draw simply because if I’m not interested you can see it in my quality of work lol. I get my reference picture, open it as a reference on my drawing app InfinitePainter #notspons and I just map out where everything goes! It takes a very long time. I’m fortunate if I finish any drawing in a month but it’s usually a lot more than that.

Beautiful art, truly. 


Looking for a chance to be featured in the next Fan Art Friday? Make sure you post your art (Doesn’t have to be IW-related) in the #fan-art channel! Make sure it’s appropriate! But, until then, make sure you keep an eye on #events-information #announcements and keep being awesome and chill.

Until next time…

Shinzou Wo Sasageyo

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