Meme Monday: Who really lagged discord during Ice Prom?

Date: June 21st, 2021

Investigation Report: Discord lagging Incident during Ice Prom

The detective on the case: DrQueen

On June 6th, 2021, the Ice Warriors hosted their annual summer Ice prom. Penguins were having a great time chatting, dancing, sipping on their beverages, and eagerly waiting to see who would be crowned Ice Prom and King. However, when it came time to announce the winners, IW troops reported six severe cases of lag during the ceremony. They believed this was done intentionally, who would be responsible for the lag during the Ice Prom awards ceremony? Read down more on this report to find the evidence and culprits.

IW Creator, Iceyfeet1234 believed that this lag could have been caused by someone who wanted to sabotage the event in order for them to be crowned Ice Prom King or Queen. Detective DrQueen and her partners in crime, Abi and Purple were sent in to investigate these claims.

Incident 1: To begin with, IW’s Local LIT clown, Lemonade1S started out the award ceremony by announcing who has IW’s funniest outfit, however, she announced it in an interesting way…

Dots!?!? Why did she waste all that energy and time to announce the Ice Prom’s finniest outfit winner with…..DOTS. BUT, A LOT OF DOTS?!?!?! This caused so many people in Ice Warriors to lag, such as LawCorazon, Kally, and Subster. 

Incident 2: More dots….this time….. from our very own Leader in Training, Dizzy. She did in fact break IW after this incident.

Incident 3: Even….more dots…..Our favorite Trusted noob Staff member, Kristina was a part of the dot cult too apparently.

Incident 4: IceQueen? More like DotsQueen. Another one of our leaders in training, IceQueen1020 participated in the dots activity.

Incident 5: Our Local IW pet Pikachu, Levelz, didn’t take part of the dots cult, but instead did commas…?!?!

Hahaha…oh, there is more…

The commas seemed to overpower the dots increasing the lag by 50% more than the original lag, causing more IW staff members to lag.

Now, right after Levelz announced the winners of Ice Prom, Discord completely crashed for 2 minutes straight. The majority of our staff couldn’t talk nor was discord sending our messages properly. There was one person in particular who was responsible for THAT crash, which brings this report to the final piece of evidence.

Evidence 6: DrQueen? DJ Docta Queen? more like DrCrasher…or was it her fault?

Now, you must be thinking, why would I, DrQueen, report myself on this case study and turn myself in? Because I ethically crashed the IW server and didn’t use dots or commas to participate in the dots/commas cult, TO PURPOSELY crash the server. I was simply being a good LIT and doing my job to move the roles under the medals tab to make it look more organized. This is just a discord bug, I didn’t purposely do it. Therefore, discord sweetie…if you cannot handle moving five roles up without crashing, then WYD sis? Get your life together.

It was simply nobody other than the dot/comma cult (Lemonade1S, Dizzy, Kristina, Levelz, and IceQueen) and discord themselves. As a result, all IW members and discord platforms have been sent to the Ice Gulag.

Do you think this punishment is too nice? How do you feel about these findings? Let us know in the comments below!

Until then… Don’t lag FREEZE up!

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