Penguin Style June 2021

Hello Ice Warriors! Today I’m bringing you a brand new Penguin Style catalogue for June 2021! It is pride month so do we possibly have some rainbow items? Do we have a hint at what CPR’s next party will be? Let’s find out and dive right into this month’s clothing selection!

On this first page, we have lots of tropical clothing! The hidden items on this page are: a Saturated Sombrero, a Pair of Maracas, a Saturated Poncho, an Orange Flower Bikini, and a Blue Quilted Vest

On the second page, you can find: Icy Eyelashes, a Twilight Lei, a Music Jam T-shirt, a Fishing Vest, Starlet Eyes and some Starshine Makeup.

On the third page, we have: Blue Hightops, a Boombox, a ColorSplash Hoodie and an Orange Fade Hoodie

On the fourth page we have: The Holo Headphones, Holo Dj Suit, The Fusia Fringe, a Straw Fedora and The Funktastic

On this final page, we have lots of rainbow items hidden! Starting with: a Rainbow Hoodie, A Western T-shirt, The Rainbow Curls and The Rainbow Sweep,

The final additions to this month’s catalogue! The Lifeguard is the penguin at work uniform for this month and the VERY FINAL item of the month, as it won’t return in any future catalogues!

That’s all for this month’s Penguin Style. Which items are your favourite? Mine has to be the Rainbow Hoodie and the Twilight Lei! Let me know your thoughts below or if I missed any secrets! Until next month Ice Warriors!

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