Trivia Thursday #21

Hello Ice Warriors!!!
Welcome to this week’s edition of Trivia Thursday, the game where you can get snowflakes for answering a few questions! First, let’s congratulate our winners from last week, Et3rnal_VoidAlucard, and Cloudy! Good job guys! Now, here are the answers from last week:

1.) ShindeFlamez, or Ben

2.) Attending the Mach Madness 2021 finals against ACP

3.) Kally,  Law, or Orange

4.) You could have named RPFHelp ForceSWATTemplarsRed Ravagers, PICSilver Empire, or Spartans

5.) Cloudy

You might be asking yourself, How do I participate in Trivia Thursday? To participate just go down to the comments and comment your answers to the questions below. If you get all the answers right then you’ll have a chance to be featured in the next Trivia Thursday! The first three people to answer the questions correctly will be given snowflakes! Now, let’s look at this week’s questions!

1.) Which Trusted Staff member designs most of the graphics and custom arts in IW?

2.) Name all four of our LiTs.

3.) Which IW Veteran loves bread?

4.) Who is the owner of the mysterious van?

5.) Who is the owner of the dog Holly? (HOLLYMAD)


That’s all for this week’s questions!! Make sure to comment your answers and react in #event-information!! Have a great day and remember…

Don’t Freeze Up!!!!

The Ice Warriors now have a Patreon! If you wish to support our Website, our Discord server and our Minecraft server, please consider joining our Patreon, which includes perks such as custom roles, custom emojis and more on our Discord server! ->

4 Responses

  1. Subster
    Lemonade1Sonic, IceQueen, DrQueen, Dizzy
    minidynamo [chleb]


  2. Subster
    Lemon, IceQueen, DrQueen, and Dizzy
    Mini or chleb


  3. 1- qt subs
    2- lemonade, dizzy, drq, iceq
    3- minidynamo
    4- wayne (pls come in my van sus aunty)
    5- kally uwu


  4. 1. Subster
    2. Lemonade1s, Dizzy, Drqueen, Licequeen *ahem* Icequeen
    3. minidynamo
    4. Chevy
    5. Kally


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