Miscellaneous Sunday

Hiya Ice Warriors!

Welcome to this week’s Miscellaneous Sunday Paper! You may wonder what this post will be about today, eh? We will be featuring multiple things in the misc. a category such as a fan art, memes, and pets! You’ve come here for a fun article, that’s what you’re going to get. Prepare yourselves, because you’re in for quite the ride!

IW is full of amazing and talented artists! From drawing penguins to portraits, the Ice Warriors sure do not lack the ability to create and express themselves!

For fan art, we have a beautiful piece of art, made by our General, Kaiiii!

Penguin: I really love the tone and mood this character give off, and the colors used! What inspired you to create this exquisite piece of art? 

Kaiiii: So, yesterday I watched some Tokyo Revengers spoilers because I was bored uwu and then idk why but the thing that people used to kidnap dogs literally popped out in my brain and I decided to draw Inui Seishu with the thing that people used to kidnap dogs (IDK WHAT’S THE THING’S NAME SISAHDIUAS)

Moving on to memes! We love memes, don’t we? If you just want to chill or have a good laugh, just pop into the #iw-memes channel and enjoy.

First up, we have a meme from our Staff, Reddy!  

This fantastic meme describes IW’s situation in the last room of the Legends Cup. If you didn’t know already, the beloved CPR mods kicked all of us out when we were at the stadium, resulting in a different third room. 

The next meme is made by another staff member, Hiro!

This very relatable meme as I know a lot of people forget to put their names on the channel! Don’t forget this step, or else you won’t get your sweet rewards from attending the event!

The last meme of the day is from our Head General, Tim

Awesome job with this meme! I can confirm that the IW leaders bully each other, just listen to DrQueen and Lemonade talk to each other in VC, and you have living proof!

It’s now time for the Pets Section of the article! Pets are a very important aspect of our lives. They are always there for us on even the darkest days. Without further ado, let’s jump right into this part of the post!

Our first pet that is going to be featured is Mini’s Hedgehog: Otis!

Next pet that is going to be featured is Luna’s Cat!

And last but not least is Al‘s Cat: Caleb!

Look at these furry friends! Aren’t they just adorable? Pets really do raise the mood on a gloomy day, and they’re always your daily dose of serotonin.

Alrighty, that will wrap up this edition of Miscellaneous Sunday! If you’d like to get featured in future articles, make sure to post your images in the respective miscellaneous category! Don’t forget to join in on the fun and participate in the IW Olympics! You can earn exclusive roles and prizes, and compete with/against your friends. To enlist, just join the Olympics server, and you can join a team! In the meantime, keep one eye peeled for new events, and enjoy the rest of your day! As always…

Don’t freeze up!


2 Responses

  1. art, memes and pets: my 3 fav things uwu


  2. I made the ice warrior leader meme and it is true


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