IW Olympics: The Competition Begins

Good Morning\Good afternoon\Good evening Ice Warriors, how are we doing today? For this week’s collaboration, we decided to talk more about the Subzero 2021 Summer Olympics that started a week ago. We will take a look at our first winners and see how they got all those points and some tips for future games.

The Tokyo Olympics have finally ended, everyone’s in celebration of the winners in each of the games. That day, Iceyfeet1234 and the leaders were watching the closing ceremony. Lawcorazon said, “Aww, it ended already, wish we could be one of the athletes and join the Olympics too, being able to participate in a large tournament sounds fun and challenging”. Then, Kally had an idea, “You know… what if we can make one in IW? The troops and staff can make teams together and play some games competing with each other!”. ” That sounds fun :0,” IceQueen1020 said. With the help of the monthly events committees, the summer Olympic event is happening and was finally announced on the 19th of August. All of the troops and staff are excited to join in and on Sunday they are finally able to form teams with their creative name, themes, and emotes! Teams are starting to sign up and getting ready with the opening ceremony and the first Olympic event in IW!

The first game has started! The teams will play Ice Fishing and try to earn the highest coins. After each of the team members has tried their best to catch those fish and receive stamps the results are out! The top three were The uwu owos, The Real Head Judges of IW, and The Pro Kings. Let’s ask one from each team who got the highest scores:

Interviewer: Hi there, congrats on winning in the first round of the Olympic Games. Now, tell us how you received lots of coins, any tricks?

Levelz: Ty uwu, the first round was Ice Fishing and when I first started practicing I was pretty bad and I didn’t know much of how the game worked but after playing for a couple hours I got the hang of it and figured out what I needed to do in the game to get the most coins. So I think the best way to get a lot of coins is just to practice and practice and practice :3

Omsk: I don’t think I was first because someone got the score faster, but the trick for a really high score in ice fishing is to use the fishing rod. Wait to catch only the grey fish. Since you can catch a max of 58 of them, hold the 56th on your line until you see 2 come on the screen and quickly grab them. Then finish the game as usual!

Levelz steals the show in the first game of the Olympics with 588 coins earned in Ice Fishing!

The next round of the Olympic games has been announced! The teams will play Catchin’ Waves and will also try to earn the highest coins. After grinding and getting those flips and tricks, and getting those stamps, each team has tried their best to be on the leaderboard. And, the results are out! The top three were The Pro Kings, The Two Dorks, and The uwu owos, but since we have asked two of the same teams, let’s go down to the top 4, the Fruity Fighters!

Interviewer: Congrats on 4th place! Y’all did really well in the Catchin’ Waves game! Do you think you guys can keep up the momentum?

Silverboy: At the moment, yes, yes I do. I know my team was down after the ice fishing game, but we did better during this game. I feel like we all have a good bit of motivation at this point, and believe that we will do an amazing job from here on out. Thanks to my team for doing an amazing job for the past few games and I hope we can all do much better for games to come. #FF FTW!!!

Josh takes first place with a score of 2519 coins in Catchin’ Waves!

The third and fourth games were both played in a tournament style! These two rounds featured Find Four and Card Jitsu. Since they were formatted as a tournament, each team will have one representative per round. The winner moves on and plays the other winning team. After these two events, we saw many major leaps and declines within the leaderboard.

Interviewer: Your team has been doing very well in the Olympics so far! What do you think separates and is a difference between your team from the others?

Josh: I’ll say that the Pro Kings have been pretty successful overall with maintaining a top position. What makes us unique in particular is that we consistently have plans discussed regarding the next Olympic Game and overall developing a strategy while we also determine who is best suited for the specific game. It’s all about having a plan!

Freedomist defeats Purple in the final round of Card Jitsu!

IceyAvocados: Thanks! And your team, the Olympic Sheep, has been doing really good as well yall are climbing the ranks. I think what separates us from other teams is that even if we all don’t get the same scores (Josh and Nik’s are on a whole other level hehe), we still all play and practice together and learn from each other (if our time zones are good). For example, I didn’t know that there were tricks in catching waves or cart surfers, so now that I know, I get more than 5 coins LOL. I’m excited to see what the next game is and I can’t wait to play with everyone. Go ProKings!

Giro: So at first, we weren’t doing really well, we just thought this competition wasn’t for us even tho the hope was still there but in these 3 last games, we just stonk climbed the ranking. I think our team is one that has the potential to win like any other team in this competition for sure, but we are always there working in a team, talking, helping each other practicing together when we have time, and sharing all the tips we get to each other; we believe in us and in our team members, and we are always supporting each other and that may be the difference between us and others, ofc, for now, we aren’t first but we intend to be in the next 3 games. Hopefully. I don’t know how other teams progress and interact within their teams, but I know there are great challenges in every team that we will have to surpass to be able to win

Alright, folks, this concludes today’s post. If you want to participate in the IW Olympics, make sure to join the event server, and attend our events to get notified for the next games right away. I hope you all have an amazing day and week! Make sure to hydrate and not diedrate, drink lots of Brita filter water, and most importantly… DON’T FREEZE UP 😡




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