Fan Art Friday #46

Hello and good morning Ice Warriors!

I hope you all have been doing well. The end of the week approaches and with it is the release of the 46th edition of Fan Art Friday, the first one for the month of November. The Ice Warriors have some incredible artists and there’s always something impressive to see every week. I hope you guys are excited for what we have in store today. Let’s go have a look at each artwork and find out a bit more about them.

The first artwork was made by Corporal ✨Charizard533✨, and it was made on Halloween.

JoshHey Charizard, I really liked your art piece. Was there any inspiration behind it?

Charizard533: Nah, I originally made the concept of having my fursona dressed up with the huggy characters from Poppy Playtime.

The second artwork was made by one of our staff members, Glitter.

Josh: Hi Glitter, I like the piece you made, do you mind telling me what the art represents?

Glitter: Well since it’s December and I love Cookie Run Kingdom, I decided to make a Santa cookie.

(I will mention that it’s November, but it’s never too early to prepare for December.)

Up next, we have some stencil art made by our Veteran Minidynamo.

JoshHi Mini, I really liked how the art turned out, would you mind telling me a bit more about it?

Mini: Randomly one day, I was sent a message from an American online friend who said, “If you drew anime, I would 100% get a tattoo from you.” I just replied, “Bet.” ahahahahah The character in the stencil is Violet Evergarden from the Japanese anime of the same name.

Finally, we have a super amazing art piece dedicated to our amazing Leader DrQueen made by our Command Officer Trails. This one, I was especially impressed by, and I know for sure you guys will be too.

Josh: Hi Trails, I was really amazed with how the art turned out, and I know it was super dedicated as well, how did you get the ideas for it?

Trails: Well, first i came to DrQueen’s DMs and asked her: ”What do you enjoy? What do you like to do? What’s your favorite colors?” Then I started painting a picture in my head about the things she answered to my questions and made a ”hero” out of that. I know for a fact that miss Docta potato head is a strong person, leader and friend, so i had to try draw something cool too.


That’s going to do it for this edition of Fan Art Friday. What did you guys think about this week’s picks? If you’d like to be featured in the next one of these, you can post in #🎨|fan-art channel. Remember to check #📅|event-information as well as #📅|ausia-event-information for our upcoming events. Until next time Ice Warriors. Remember…

Don’t Freeze Up!!


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