Sunday Funday #21

Hello hello Ice Warriors!!

I hope you all have a splendid start to your week. If you want to start off with a bang, Cloudy and I have just the right thing for you. Indeed, it’s time we welcome you to the 21st edition of Sunday Funday!

This is how Sunday Funday works: every Sunday, a new post will be released where you can play fun (and sometimes challenging) games and earn snowflakes ❄️. The games you see may vary wildly!

Speaking of which, let’s see what games we have prepared today!

To start off, we have Spot the Difference. Down below you’ll see two versions of an event picture on last year’s HoF induction event! Find 4 differences from both pictures and highlight them.

Moving along, we have a Word Unscramble. Here we have two phrases for memorable event titles we’ve had in recent weeks. Do you know which events were mentioned here?

Up next is a Maze Puzzle. Do the best you can to find the way out of the maze, but beware as you may encounter monsters and clowns along the way.

Finally, we have Where’s Waldo but IW. People in IW still tend to be quite sneaky in 2022. How fast can you find each of the requested members?

Can you find Staff member Silver Boy? CPR User: djtiger8

Can you find Trusted Staff member Crazyflame? CPR User: Crazyflame23

Can you find newly announced IW Legend Erick? CPR User: Erick97

That’s it for this week’s Sunday Funday! Are you able to finish all the games above? If you do don’t forget to DM josh🌹#5667 or Cloudy512#3496 the answers to receive those snowflakes ❄️. We’ve been starting 2022 very strong, let’s hope to keep consistency moving forward. We hope to see you at a couple of our upcoming events. Until next time Ice Warriors, and as always…


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