IW Graphics Tournament January 2022!

The Graphics Tournament is back!

After five long months, we have decided to bring back the Graphics Tournament, but this time, in a completely new format! Keep reading this post for all the details!

GFX by Subster

This time, we will be hosting only 2 rounds! The first round will be a free for all, meaning that anybody can submit their art in the given timeframe. After those submissions are in, there will be a voting process that will pick the top 5 creators! Those top 5 creators will advance to Round 2, where you will receive another theme and a new deadline. Once the graphics are in, there will be a final vote to determine the winner!

Round 1 Theme: Your favourite thing about Ice Warriors!

Deadline: Sunday, January 16th, 11:59PM EST

For Round 1, your assignment is to create your favourite aspect about Ice Warriors! Show off your style and show us what you like, is it our divisions Polar and Blizzard, is it our battles or could it maybe even be sled racing? It’s up to you! You have the rest of this week to create your artwork and submit it in the Google Form below! Once you have submitted, please DM @kally#0001 to verify your entry!

Entry form: https://forms.gle/wn2wJJALGh3nLWvA8

Best of luck and heaps of creativity to you all!


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