Misc Friday #7

Hey Ice Warriors!

Hope your Friday’s going very well. Welcome to 7th edition of Misc Friday! As usual, we got some of the interesting stuff to see in this article by the people of Ice Warriors. Today, we will be featuring stuff from #fan-art, #pets and #food. Now, with all this being said, let’s begin!

For the first channel, we’ll be having some of the attractive arts from #fan-art.

To begin with, we got a great drawing by our Trusted Staff, Cloudy!


Next, we have an amazing animated art piece by our artist Skylor!


What attractive pieces of art. We hope to see more of them from you all in the future!


For the second channel, we’ll be looking into #pets, let’s take a look at those cute pets!

Firstly, we have a very cute hedgehog named Otis from our Helper, Mini!

Mini’s Hedgehog, Otis

For the next pet, we have an adorable dog named Lucky from our 4th in Command, Alu!

Alu’s dog, Lucky

Such adorable and cute pets they both are!


For the last channel, we’ll be looking into some yummy food from #food.

So, here we got a delicious pizza from our Leader in Training, Josh! Hope you share some of it with me.

Hunter: Your pizza looks so delicious, what were the ingredients used in it?

Josh: I can mainly talk about the toppings on it which are definitely some of my favorites for a pizza. Pepperoni and mushroom for one half is really nice, but the Hawaiian side is also pretty good.


And with this, we’ll be wrapping up this week’s Misc Friday. Hope you all had fun reading the article. If you want a chance to get featured in our next Misc Friday then make sure to post in #fan-art, #pets, #food, and #iw-memes. Do keep an eye on our upcoming events, #ausia-pb-vs-acp, and react if you will be able to attend them. See you all later!



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