Weekly Recap June 26 – July 2

Heyo Ice Warriors!

This week saw us have epic trainings, takeovers, multiple battles and promotions! Read on to have a recap of all the memorable moments! 💙

Alucard, Trails, Silver were promoted to 4th in Command!

Hunter was promoted to Command Officer!

Chek was promoted to Brigadier General!

[EU] Legends Cup Training

Max: 27


[EU/US] Animal Crossing Takeover

Max: 24


[EU] Roblox Takeover 

Max: 25


[EU/US] Dino Showdown vs Help Force

Max: 20


[AUSIA] Practice Battle vs Water Vikings

Max: 18


Thank you to DrQueen and Levelz for helping with size count and to all our amazing IW photographers! Hope you all had an amazing week ❤ Post a comment below on what your fave part was!

❄️💙Love you all forever and always, remember to love yourselves 💙❄️

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