Greetings Ice Warriors!

Today we successfully invaded the server “Wool Socks” from the Golds Empire. The small army “Golds” once again brought their allies when we agreed on a “no ally” war and which makes us victorious automatically but either way we dominated them on the field. They maxed like 6 troops and the rest were all the Light Troops. We maxed 26 troops and averaged 23-24 troops on Club Penguin. Fear the Ice.

Screenshot at Jan 30 19-11-50 Screenshot at Jan 30 19-16-03 Screenshot at Jan 30 19-17-01 Screenshot at Jan 30 19-18-10 Screenshot at Jan 30 19-19-42 Screenshot at Jan 30 19-23-31 Screenshot at Jan 30 19-24-39 Screenshot at Jan 30 19-27-13

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