Regarding the current mods.

Hi there Ice Warriors, how are you all doing today?

OK, so recently I have been noticing some idiotic behaviour performed by some mods on the chat, which I know that most of us would agree is wrong considering that this person is a moderator and should be an example troop to the new troops. I find it horrible how some people think that self harm is funny and this is coming from mods, these people obviously have no idea what it is about. But not only that, I have also noticed that a few mods have been abusing people lower rank than them, banning and kicking people for pointless reasons. I will be going over the mod ranks and checking which mods I feel deserve to keep their positions and which ones I think should be demoted, those in which I feel that need to be demoted need to improve their mod skills to keep their rank, I will be discussing with the leaders and owners if they agree. I sometimes question myself why some people were even given mod, but these decisions were made by leaders and some owners, so I can’t say much about it. If you have been inactive recently, then you can expect a temp demotion. There are very little people in the mods list that the owners and I think deserve to be promoted to the next level (owner), so we expect you to try really hard if you want to be promoted to owner. Good luck! 😀

– Signing off, Astro 2ic

4 Responses

  1. I MUST NOT LOSE MY RANK!!!!!!!!!

    Edit: It’s almost certain he was talking about you. You’re the mod who abuses people on chat most.


  2. Hoping I’m not being demoted. I hope all my friends, too, keep their ranks.



  3. Hoping I’m not being demoted. I hope all my friends, too, keep their ranks.



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