Age of the Order

The triumvirate of Xxtoysoldier, Spi101, and Freezie66 is being implemented into IW. 

The official list of leaders in the IW army are the following:

// Xxtoysoldier, Spi101, Freezie66, Ghost, Cargo //


The Dark Warriors army has come to an end, and as a result, the legends that helped make DW who they were have decided to join the fight in the Ice Warriors. Our goal is to eliminate all cancer in the community, all while having fun. Our leadership consists of highly trained individuals, who are experienced in the field of leading. Do not be surprised when the Ice Warriors begin to dominate all of their enemies. We are no longer an army, we are the army. Fear us.

Allow me to introduce you to the new leadership.. I present The First Order:


(To Be Added)

Known for being a legendary leader in the Dark Warriors army, and has saved them from death numerous times.



Legendary DW Leader, named the best leader of 2014.


(To Be Added)

Also known as “Leader of Many”, Spi101 also helped grant the Dark Warriors life in 2013 & 2014. He is known community-wide for his leadership skills.



Apart of the “Drew Crew” era of IW in 2014/2015, an IW Legend known for leading IW to massive sizes



Although fairly new to the IW Leadership, he’s not new to armies. Cargo has a plethora of experience in CPA, and will prove he can put what he learned in action.

This age of IW has been coined as The First Order. The Ice Warriors, essentially, consists of the most legendary leaders and soldiers throughout the Club Penguin Army community. We are the force to be reckoned with, and any enemy who stands in our way will simply be demolished.

Although these changes seem quite arbitrary, we plan on instilling our ideas and doctrines into the IW, and slowly making this army how it should be: the best.

The Ice Warriors are back.

We’re going in together.

We don’t wait for anyone.



The First Order has agreed Sir PJ is to be fired (demoted?) due to inactiveness. Your time in IW has been noted, and we thank you for that.


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