RE: Bless up DCP

Toy Edit: Freezie originally invited me to become an advisor of, essentially, an abomination. I only had to stay a couple of hours to know this wasn’t a Club Penguin Army, this was five people at their computers with hundreds of Xat & Club Penguin tabs open.

Bless up DCP

Waterkid and I haven’t seen eye to eye on many things in the past (DW and LT history) but he’s 100% correct here about DCP.

Just days ago I joined the Doritos. I heard that they were the best army of 2015, and that they were the biggest army the community has seen since old-school ACP. This is all false.

 I didn’t pay attention to armies in 2015 except the Summer so I didn’t know if the DCP mass multi-logging claims were true or not. But dear god, they are.

DCP didn’t specifically order me to multilog or null the chat, probably because I was not in their inner circle. Still, it was beyond obvious they were multilogging and nulling chat. Several posts have been made by Change and Proteus, I can verify those posts.

I am not a snitch. What DCP is doing right now is ruining the community. 2015 was considered a joke because of their excessive multi-logging. Being in that army for 4 days or so was horribly demotivating, and I recommend the entire community unite to take these frauds out. (even though a SMAP army is bigger than DCP in reality, lol)

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  1. Reblogged this on Nacho Army of Club Penguin™ and commented:
    To the soldiers of DCP: Your leaders do not care for you, they cuss out new members, they multi-log to boost their small size, they deny any and all claims that they cold possibly be cheating, and they personally attack the people whom call them out on it. You have no hope of leading the army unless you multi-log with them and lie to every friend you have outside of DCP.

    The community may be smaller than it used to be, and some of the big armies may not be as big as they used to be, but it is certain that even one of these armies are bigger than the entirety of DCP. DCP is completely alone in this world and has no allies for a good reason.

    Stand up with us all and join the fight against multi-logging. From the most decorated legend to the newest recruit, you’re all welcome and needed to put an end to this practice once and for all.


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