The Doritos and their multilogs have threatened war against the great Ice Warriors. DCP are the biggest hypocrites in this whole community. They’re like the North Korea of CP Armies except Apollo makes Kim Jong Un look skinny.

It’s funny that Apollo calls this whole army out for multilogging yet the only time Ice Warriors has ever multilogged was under Sprite’s leadership and under Apollo’s leadership. Here is a picture of Apollo’s multilogs and pictures of them in Ice Warrior events under his leadership (he got fired 3 days later for multilogging):

Note: These penguins are also on the list Waterkid posted about SWAT and are known SWAT multilogs.

Like I said, you’re a complete hypocrite and a liar.

Now let’s look at the hypocrisy of Mustapha10 when he claims Waterkid is a “cyberbully”.

When BMA beat Doritos in the Champions Cup Mustapha went on a rant and started talking about Drmatt’s dead Dad and saying he was spending his dead Dad’s money on CP Armies and saying his Dad would have been disgusted. Mustapha has called all of Army Republic freaks and goes on chats bullying people and thinks he’s hard over Club Penguin. This communuty was made to be fun and people like Mustapha flex over putting 40 multilogs on Club Penguin.

It’s funny how Badboy and Trader spent a month talking crap about each other, but they’ve become friends over a common interest in multilogging. No one will remember DCP as legendary just as a joke with stupid leaders that post hypocritical things. Maybe it’s come to the point where Mustapha has lied so much, he’s convinced himself that he isn’t multilogging.

Your army is similar to North Korea, it’s a joke. You act tough with multilogs but you have no recruits in your army. There will probably be a post released by Mustapha calling me “irrelevant” and accusing me of “multilogging” even though all your leaders have been caught multilogging at least once.

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