Retaliation – DCP is the enemy

The Doritos are the official cancer of the community, and they must be taken care of.

It is clear they have inexperienced owners, as they don’t know how armies function. I will now address multiple things on their website, and if you hear me out you will understand why the Doritos are a joke.


First off: It is 100% legal to change the server you are logging on to. However, if you it is not legal to change the server you are logging on to in terms of invasions. The Ice Warriors simply hosted a battle with AR & LT on AR’s server of Summit, you do not own Summit anymore. We did not initiate combat with you, but it’s starting to unravel. You want to fight us, and we can provide fights if you wish.


All I see in this video is a loser clicking penguins with 100+ stamps on Club Penguin. The funny thing is that if you have ever attended a DCP event you’ll notice the exact same point he is trying to make.


Where’s the proof in this? She’s a salty armyhopper who left IW because I demoted her to member. In fact, when she banned people, I banned the bot in retaliation. Many troops were confused, and action was taken quickly. She ended up banning around 7 members, which got unbanned immediately. #gottem.

I was also an author on the Doritos’ website until exactly 6:22 PM PST. Luckily, I was exporting their photos at that exact minute. I also snapshotted their most recent site views. Here’s what I discovered:


The first thing you will notice in this picture is the excessive amount of views:visitors ratio. They are extremely unrealistic, and that is 100% viewbotted. Although I did not take a picture of the entire website, which I regret, I can tell you right now, they do not get good views. On a good day, the Doritos average 174 visitors. This is a very small amount and I doubt they could achieve the sizes they do with a viewcount that minimal.

Here is a copy of their photos page on their website; implicating I was a user with the rank of author or above (as only authorized users can access this page AND the stats page.)


In short, you have been #pwnt.


I don’t know if you realize legitimacy is still a thing. We are better than you. You do not acknowledge the fact we are real, and you are fake. If you even try to invade IW, I will destroy you.

-Xxtoysoldier IW Leader

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