I’m Done

This post is aids don’t read it

I tried guys, I really did try. Every army thinks I’m currently bot raiding them and CPAC deducted us for no reason. I’m honestly tired of this community and everybody in it. Everybody outside of the Ice Warriors triggers me and makes me want to shoot up a school. Water Vikings never got deducted even after proof came out that Funks is a multilogging piece of shit, but CPAC pulls random penguins and says they were my multilogs. I don’t know who added that part of the Top 10, but it was a joke. This community is dying and I wanted to help, but no more.

I hope this community dies and stays in the depression it is. Ice Warriors is the only legit army and we get deducted for being legit. Fucking, jokes.

I’m not coming back to armies, this was the last straw, now you won’t have to vote me out. I get blamed for shit because it’s so easy to point the fingers at Trader because he does everything bad right? This isn’t going to be a formal retirement more satire because I literally hate everyone.

Ice Warriors is the only army trying to stay legit, I look at WV events and I can literally point out the multilogs like its candy. Now I could sit here and complain about “Blah blah blah no  I didn’t multilog” but obviously none of you guys listen to me.

I hate this community, it brings no joy to me and actually depresses me. But I was here because I thought I could help everybody, obviously you guys don’t need me. I will be taking my muscles elsewhere.

I came to the realization that I’m getting nothing from being in armies, I have no goals anymore. Anything I wanted to achieve was stomped on by idiots who hate me, which is fine with me. I was in this community by a thread and that thread was a second away from snapping, being DDoSed everyday and accusations upon accusations more than cut that thread.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be around so you can blame me for botting and multilogging because i’m so easy to put the blame on.

Love you,

Lord Trader

cpacs official  bot raider & multilogger! xd

d i e

4 Responses

  1. k trader. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


  2. I’ll miss ya bro. Keep it real.


  3. What a terrible way to retire.


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