Cya Folks!

Nobody puts in effort anymore. It’s pretty clear that this army is nothing but a burden to the people leading, including me. The other leaders seem to be very busy, and since anything to do with “Ice” is completely blocked on Club Penguin and since we have no sponsorships, the Ice Warriors are in a very stagnant position. Even with the addition of the Server Map, I don’t feel like there is a bright future for this army, with or without me. I have about two months until I’m off to school and I retire from Club Penguin Armies permanently, so I want to make sure the next couple of months are fulfilling for me. I don’t sense any fulfillment in the Ice Warriors, and I apologize for that. 


5 Responses

  1. Soo…rip IW?


  2. you didn’t even do much anyway


  3. Bye bye IW


  4. […] full post can be seen here. Silverburg then goes on to mention even with the sever map coming he thinks the Ice Warriors has […]


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