I’m Returning

Coming back for a few weeks to conquer the community once again.

First order of business is finding owners who will be loyal under me. I don’t care about your experience and I never have cared about experience. The biggest trait I look for in people is loyalty, and that is the only way you will be hired.

I am also accepting armies that wish to merge into IW. You will be granted high ranks considering your position and out-look on armies.

Why should you merge? There are quite a few reasons why you should considering merging your army into the Ice Warriors. But I’ve worked so hard on my army! Together we can accomplish heights you have never seen before, and you will be on top alongside me. But won’t I get just an owner rank? Wrong. I will be permitting one of the leaders of your army one of the highest honors this community has, which is IW Leader. Whoa!!! IW Leader? Yes. You will be leading one of the greatest armies this community has ever seen. I will personally train you and teach you everything I know on how to become the best in this community.

Here are some armies that I wish to work with:

Smart Penguins

Striking Raiders


Imperial Argonauts Empire

Lime Green Army

Wild Ninjas

I will only be accepting 3 armies out of these 6.

Be apart of something great.


I will be posting an event most likely tonight or tomorrow, and will be organizing rest of the site. I encourage everyone who has left this army to return and be apart of an IW Generation that won’t be soon forgotten. I and many others did great things with IW last year, and I will be looking to do the same exact thing now. Now’s your chance.

See you soon,

Kings Never Die


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  1. Il be returning
    – cody


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