Holiday Igloo Decorating Contest Results

Hey Ice Warriors!

It is time to announce the top three winners of the HOLIDAY IGLOO DECORATING CONTEST! We asked you to decorate your igloo for the holidays on any CPPS, like NewCP, CPR, or even CPArmies!

After the community vote, we have our three winners!

FIRST PLACE: Merryigy🎄

SECOND PLACE: Breeze Cheekbones

THIRD PLACE: Captain Corgi

Merryigy🎄 presented us with what she calls: Leader’s Christmas Dinner Hall, featuring Puffle waiters!

The igloo is blue all over, and it seems as if the Elsa Palace Igloo from the Frozen Takeover was a perfect choice for this entry. The tiny Christmas wreaths on the walls look so cute and make the walls even prettier. I also love the Christmas tree in the corner to add flavor to the Christmas season and the arrangement of the chairs around the blue throne – fit for an audience of a true Queen!

Breeze Cheekbones presented us with the following incredible igloo!

Breeze is fully prepared for the holiday season. A big feast is on the table, a Christmas tree with fish hanging over, socks hung over the fireplace. Then to the side, he’s got a nifty train station with a tiny area to its side where Santa’s elves race against time, getting toys prepared and mails sent! Nice one!

Captain Corgi presented us with an outdoor Christmas themed tea party hangout.

Corgi sat by the pond with his teddy friend, sippin’ fresh tea with some chocolate chip cookies. All of this whilst sitting on gingerbread chairs by the pond. There’s also a cute brown Puffle hangout with gifts and statues to the other end.

Congratulations to all the winners! Keep an eye out for the next contest! :E7~1:


Ice Warriors Staff member

5 Responses

  1. Congo rats to everyone! Amazing architecture talent in IW 💙


  2. Congrats Everyone don’t worry if you didn’t won there are more contests coming soon!


  3. Amazing job everyone! Congratulations to Yey, Breeze and Corgi!🥰


  4. Congrats to all the winners! We’ve got some creative warriors here (:


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