Anniversary Writing Contest Results: The Perfect IW Event

Hey Ice Warriors!

As most of you know this week was our 14th Anniversary Week. The Ice Warriors New Centre held a writing contest with the theme being The Perfect IW Event so you could have written about an event you would love to see in IW! we got lots of amazing submissions from the Talented Warriors out there. Continue reading

Holiday Igloo Decorating Contest Results

Hey Ice Warriors!

It is time to announce the top three winners of the HOLIDAY IGLOO DECORATING CONTEST! We asked you to decorate your igloo for the holidays on any CPPS, like NewCP, CPR, or even CPArmies!

After the community vote, we have our three winners!

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US Invasion of White House [Results]


UPDATE: Nice, nice DCP, but we wont because you’re LOSING all the time.

Hey Ice Warriors,

Today, we have successfully invaded the server, White House. The DCP was a no show, and we have captured that server! Comment if you came to this event!

The Ice Warriors maxed 16 + and averaged 12 at the battle of Deep Snow. Im not very impressive of those who didn’t come to the events today, it wasn’t that very many Ice Warriors troops that are on. Please, all Ice Warriors should try to come to the next event, and l dont wanna see this ever again! Anyway, click read more for pics[pictures are not in order].

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