Anniversary Writing Contest Results: The Perfect IW Event

Hey Ice Warriors!

As most of you know this week was our 14th Anniversary Week. The Ice Warriors New Centre held a writing contest with the theme being The Perfect IW Event so you could have written about an event you would love to see in IW! we got lots of amazing submissions from the Talented Warriors out there.

-The judges have decided and the results are in, please congratulate…

DelightedGoyal and Kayy

Congrats to both of you! Let us take a look at both of their stories:

Kayy’s story: It was a very snowy day in the Ice Warriors discord and all of the users were communicating with the utmost respect towards each other. Some users played Club Penguin, Some users played Roblox, and some users just communicated with each other. Everyone was following the Ice Warriors rules. *PING* What was that you might ask? It was the event ping! “What is today’s event?” Someone asks. “It is a friendly battle against the water Vikings today!” I answered in shock. I’ve never done such a battle against the water Vikings before but we were supposedly getting 600 snowflakes and 1 ticket for participating in the event. I might as well go. I also heard about so many other things here. Many hours later it was time for the event. I slowly logged into Club Penguin and started getting ready for battle. “3..2..1..*gunshot*”. When I hear the gun I freeze. Realizing that I am scared of guns. I start to get weak. I can’t feel my body move. My feet fall asleep and I am stuck. Though I want to move, I can’t. I remember the event. I hadn’t finished. I needed to get back to the event. I wanted to stay in mama’s lap but, I must get back to the event. I grab my phone and I hop back on Club Penguin. Ready for battle. “3..2..1..” I hear 1 and I am off! Ignoring the fact I heard a huge gun. I don’t care any longer. I go into battle and I boost the team onto a win. Later on in the day, I see the Ice Warriors have posted a link. It’s a link to their web page. I click the link and I see there is a hall of fame. The levels on the hall of fame are Mythic, Legend, Icon, and Champion. Mythic is the highest title any Ice Warrior could achieve, Legend is warriors that have put the army before anything else for many years, Icons helped pave the way for the army in many ways, sometimes in the ownership (Staff) supporting the leaders, or even leading themselves, and The title of Champion is given to those who have worked incredibly hard over the years. “One day I will be Mythic” I whisper to myself. I go back to the server to communicate with the others. It is the best day ever. I will go back one day and that day could be today.. 

DelightedGoyal’s story: It was a snowy and sunny day on the island of Club Penguin, the armies were preparing for the finals of the March Madness Cup 2021! Tension dominated the arena while the armies logged on and quickly started warming up. Today’s line-up was an interesting one, the Army Of Club Penguin vs Ice Warriors. There were 60 seconds left on the clock until the first room switch! Everybody had their maps open anticipating where it would be. Then, it struck.


Penguins started piling in and quickly got into formations chanting tactics and flickering their favorite emotes. The lag quickly settled in, lots of penguins were locked out and were praying for a victory in the first room. It was chaotic, games were crashing, screens were freezing, and overall, it was hard to tell where your own penguin was! Both armies battled extremely well though and it was hard to tell who won. Anyway, all the penguins were on their toes waiting for the next room.


The room closed lightning quick as 100 or so penguins fought their way in, and Ice Warriors got immediately blown off course with a stunning bomb from their opponents. They quickly recollected into a plus formation. Sadly, this was not enough as ACP had a GIANT size advantage. Ice Warriors did all they could to keep this battle alive, but ACP was just too strong! They would just have to make up for it in the final room. This was crucial, if they failed now, this whole competition was for nothing. Suspense filled the room as the penguins waited for (what seemed to be the final stretch for ACP) the next, and the hopefully penultimate room for the Ice Guardians.


At the word inside, having already prepared for this countless times, Ice Warriors quickly rushed underground first. It was all down to this, now or never. The armies just wanted this battle to end, just waiting for their succulent fish coated with lemon juice waiting for them at their igloos… But Ice Warriors knew, it was now, OR NEVER. And with this inspiration, the Blue Brigadiers battled through the green guardians and emerged with a VICTORY! But this was not it, there was still one more room to go, this was the real deal. Although exhausted, both armies pushed on into the final room. They just had to do what they did before. This could not be any more exciting for the spectators tuning in!


Ice Warriors meant business, with 4 troops extra, they quickly went into an upside-down T. Formations and tactics and formations and tactics were nothing to the Ice Warriors. ACP tried to break the Warriors’ formation, and all was going smooth until they launched a Z wipe. Fortunately, the Ice Warriors fought back with a waterfall bomb and a plus formation. ACP backfired, but the Ice Warriors countered back, and it was finished. The battle was called to an end and both armies were waiting tediously for the results.

*The message was sent.*


Everyone (well, almost everyone) was cheering, this was their first major cup of the year! ACP was getting bitter while Ice Warriors were sugar-coating their victory. Who knew that the Ice Warriors would make an insane comeback? They were chanting and singing and just overall celebrating their deserved win against ACP!

Both of these two wrote an amazing story and thank you to everyone who participated in this contest! You will receive your prizes shortly! Make sure to check out #ausia-events-information and #events-information for our next events. Until then…

Don’t Freeze Up!

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