Anniversary Writing Contest Results: The Perfect IW Event

Hey Ice Warriors!

As most of you know this week was our 14th Anniversary Week. The Ice Warriors New Centre held a writing contest with the theme being The Perfect IW Event so you could have written about an event you would love to see in IW! we got lots of amazing submissions from the Talented Warriors out there. Continue reading

IWNC Story Writing Contest – May 2021

Hey there Ice Warriors!

The Ice Warriors’ News CentreĀ is hosting a story writing competition in the weeks leading up to the IW anniversary! You will have two weeks to write a story on the provided topic, and send it to one of the IWNC Editors-in-Chief (DrQueen & Kally) or Co-Heads (Chevy, HeadChicken, Purple, Snow). The most creative writers will receive prizes, which we cannot reveal quite yet!

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