IWNC Story Writing Contest – May 2021

Hey there Ice Warriors!

The Ice Warriors’ News Centre is hosting a story writing competition in the weeks leading up to the IW anniversary! You will have two weeks to write a story on the provided topic, and send it to one of the IWNC Editors-in-Chief (DrQueen & Kally) or Co-Heads (Chevy, HeadChicken, Purple, Snow). The most creative writers will receive prizes, which we cannot reveal quite yet!

Story Writing Contest: The Perfect IW Event

Submissions close: Wednesday, June 2nd

Judges: DrQueen, Kally, Chevy, HeadChicken, Purple & Snow

Word limit: Max 600 words

Results posted: Friday, June 4th


Good luck! :EL:

2 Responses

  1. POG?


  2. I am gonna write best story >:3


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