Trivia Thursday #17

Hey Ice Warriors!

I hope you’ve all had an amazing week so far! As we approach the end of the week, it’s time for yet another edition of our Trivia Thursday! Firstly, I would like to congratulate Blushock, Dizzy and Franz for being the first three to correctly answer all the questions from our previous Trivia Thursday. I’d also like to give a huge shoutout to everyone else who attempted these questions, your participation means a lot! Let’s have a little look at the answers from last week’s trivia post:

1) Knight

2) The Iceberg

3) Leader in Training, Ice Commander (2nd in command) and Ice Warlord (3rd in command)

4) Attending CPR events, being active/helpful on main chat and inviting new troops.

5) #games-centre

For those that are new to Trivia Thursday, here’s how it all works! For every Trivia Thursday post, the first three people to correctly answer all five questions will be winning Snowflakes! The correct answers to these questions along with the winners will be featured on next week’s Trivia Thursday post. To give your answers, make sure to comment your answers down in the comments section below the post. With that all being said, here are the questions for this week’s Trivia Thursday:

1) Name two of our Staff ranks in Ice Warriors.

2) Who was the fourth Ice Warriors leader in history?

3) Which two Ice Warriors leaders were both inducted on the same day?

4) What role is worth 15,000 snowflakes?

5) What was the date of when the Ice Warriors won the March Madness 2021 tournament finals?

Do you guys know the answers to these questions? If you do, don’t forget to post your answers down below in the comments section to have a chance to win! Remember that whoever answers all five questions will both win Snowflakes and be featured in next week’s Trivia Thursday post. Good luck to everyone participating!

Ice Warriors Forever!

5 Responses

  1. 1) Command Officer and Major General
    2) Tes7
    3) Orange & Law
    4) Private In Training
    5) April 3rd 2021

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  2. 1) Ice Master/Lieutenant General
    2) Tes7
    3) Orange/Law
    4) Private in Training
    5) April 3

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 1- Command Officer and Ice Master [4iC]
    2- Tes7
    3- Orange and LawCorazon
    4- Private In Training
    5- April 3, 2021

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  4. 1) Ice Master and Major General
    2) Tes7
    3) Orange and Law
    4) Private in Training
    5) April 3, 2021


  5. 1 Major General, Brigadier General
    2 Tes7 i think
    3 no clue
    4 Private in training
    5 April 2nd i think


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