CPR May Penguin Style

Hello Ice Warriors! Today I’m bringing you a brand new Penguin Style catalogue from Club Penguin Rewritten! This month’s theme is: Prehistoric! Let’s jump in our time machine and take a trip back in time to see what this ancient catalogue has to offer!

On the very first page of the catalogue you can find: A Harry Styles inspired Cardigan, Gray Furry Boots, a Green Letterman Jacket, a Green Striped Rugby Shirt, a Black Letterman Jacket (perfect for Blizzard) and the Blue Letterman Jacket (perfect for our IW uniform)

Page 2 we have: A Red Letterman Jacket (perfect for Polar), Blue Sunglasses (perfect for the IW uniform!) some Interstellar Makeup, a Pink Letterman Jacket and the hairstyle The Befluttered!

On page 3 we have; A Pink Toque (similar to A.A’s hat), a Newspaper Hat, a hairstyle called The Wavecatcher, a Sushi Tray, and an Asteroid Costume.

On page 4 we have: a Dapper Sweater Vest, a Breezy Dress, and a Bright Tights Outift!

On this final page, you have to flip through the catalogue a bit until you reach these pages. If you click the S you can find a Mop and Bucket, and some 3D Glasses by clicking the A! Make sure to pick up your new job outfit and the item of the month, as they won’t be in the June catalogue!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for the new Furniture and Igloo catalogue later this month and let me know if I missed any secrets. Thanks for reading!

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  1. This helped a lot thank you!


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