Troop, Recruiter and Staff Member of the Week: March 22nd 2021

Hello Ice Warriors!

A new week means new Troop,Recruiter and Staff Member of the Week! Who got this honourable title this time?

Troop of the Week: Sour & Et3rnal_Vo1d

Sour is our currently Head Marshall and one of the most active troop on our discord chat and comment section on the site. She also attends bunch of events and always is ready to help anyone who feels so lost in our huge community. Thank you Sour for being so kind and empathetic person. It is a huge honour to have you in our army!

Sour with her miner helmet

Marshall Et3rnal_Vo1d is one of the most unforgetable person in our community. If you ever met him, you know how amazing, helpful and amusing he is. In addiction Et3rnal_Vo1d attends bunch of our events, especially CPR ones which makes our hearts beat faster. Thank you for being with us bro! It is a honour for us! 

Et3rnal_Vo1d on the top of IW Palace in MC

Recruiter of the Week: Thiaa

Thiaa is our current Head General and one of the most active member of Ice Warrios Recruiting Regiment. Thanks to their charming personality and determination our army is growing strong day by day.  Thank you Thiaa for being with us. Having you in our community makes us seeing the bright future for IW.

Thiaa in IW uniform 2021 on CPR

Staff Member of the Week: Five

Brigadier General Five is in our army for a long time. As a Staff member he always is ready to help other people on the server. His recruiting skills makes us proud. Five is also a good friend with whom you can talk about everything. He always makes sure you feel alright. Thank you Five for sticking with us. Working with you is the best what has happened to us!

Make sure to congratulate Sour, Et3rnal_Vo1d, Thiaa and Five when you see them on main chat!

Much love and see you around,

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