CPR March Clothing Catalog

Hello IW!

Today a brand new clothing catalogue was released to go with the Noir Party. Will you be a detective or a thief? Can you find all the froggy hats?

On this first page we have: a blue froggy hat, a pearl necklace, fuzzy boots, a red suede jacket, a hair style called The Sass, a whistle and some yellow sandals!

On page 2 the hidden items are: a casual suit jacket, a yellow froggy hat, a flannel shirt, a blue striped raincoat and the lacy shorts outfit!

On page 3 we have: a silver watch, a hairstyle called Sunstriker, brown flipflops, a red froggy hat, a purple froggy hat and dark brown fuzzy boots! Try to find the red viking helmet on clouds!

On the final page you can find the honey bee cardigan!

What do you think about this month’s catalogue? I love all the froggy hats! Let me know your thoughts below!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff

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