Q&A: Spring Fever!

Hiya Ice Warriors!!

I hope your week has been good this far! Now it’s time for this week’s Q&A!

Continue reading to find out what some members of the Ice Warriors have prepared for this coming spring break, fun activities, and much more! If you looking for fun spring events, make sure to attend our Semi-Finals in the March Madness Tournament!!

For our first question, we have: What are some activities you look forward to this spring?

Crisy: Spring is a complicated time for me it scares me cuz I get allergies:ScaredDog:. I do definitely want to go back to being more active in IW as spring approaches. I’ve been really busy with classes lately but hopefully, things get better soon. I also want to decorate more rooms for my kids on the IW MC Server.:zzmilklove2::GlowHeart~1:

Blue: I’m looking forward to Easter, my school has something really cool planned for it, and it’s something that the school does every year like a tradition!!!! It’s my first year at the school so I finally get to be part of it. So basically what happens is in the huge football field, the teachers hide a few hundred eggs everywhere and then we see how many we can find and the one with the most wins this huge chocolate bunny! I know Easter egg hunts sound super kid-ish, but trust me it’s really fun!! :awe:

Franz: Hey there Kayles! That’s a great question and I’m glad you asked that. Since I have school, I can’t make it to half of the events. So, I look forward to attending more events, being more active in main chat and overall. In Real Life, I look forward to going to the park. The last time I was at the park was in late November.

Is kale really good in a salad?

Swirl: I toss the kale away.

Cherry: Good question! Kale isn’t my favorite part of the salad, because it can be a little bitter sometimes. I usually put kale in my smoothie to make it healthier!

Josh: If there’s anything I know about putting kale in a salad, in certain situations, it’s pretty good though you’d have to be mindful of if you want the kale.

What was your favorite moment in IW so far and why?

Five: It would probably be the first time Law promoted me:goo:. Just for the fact because I’ve come soooooo far and I have so much more to come.

IceQueen: WOW:xd:, so, firstly this question is super hard to answer lol. I joined Ice Warriors on the 13th of April 2020 and since then there have been so many events, battles, and memories with so many amazing people. One of my favorite moments was getting promoted to Leader in Training towards the end of January this year. I honestly was blown away and am still surprised about it, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for believing in me and trusting me with this. :blueheart: :iwsalute: One of my all-time favorite moments was when we crushed DCP at the CCX (Christmas Chaos Tournament) Semi-Finals at the end of last year! We maxed an incredible size of 114! :IWinfiniteDab: It really is a shining example of what Ice Warriors is made of and what we can achieve as an army and more importantly as a family. Ice Warriors wouldn’t be what it is without each and every one of you. I love you all! :tl1HeartsBlue: :elsa: :GlowHeart~1:

Abi: Ooo that’s a hard question, It would be too hard to choose just one so it’s a tie between when I got my SiT role with Chevy or the first karaoke in IW, just because they both mean a lot to me :goo:

There you have it, folks! I hope you had a good read, if you enjoyed reading this make sure to check out our other Q&As. Make sure to comment down below what you would’ve answered!!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff Member

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