Q & A: Is IceQueen The Real Elsa, Or is She an Impersonator?

Happy Tuesday Ice Warriors! Today, I asked people some very serious questions. Questions that were so controversial that some people didn’t even answer, or maybe I was lagging and my message didn’t go through. Anyway, I bravely asked questions like; Is IceQueen the real Elsa? If you want to find out the answers continue reading!

To begin our little journey I asked people who the laggiest person was in Ice Warriors?

Swirl: I think the laggiest person in IW would be Purple. She’s been lagging for a long time and the chat fills up with her lag spams. There’s ss of her doing so :))

Purple: So I’d say swirl Ofc, he’s always lagging because he keeps flooding the main chat. Even tho sometimes I lag too but it’s Swirl’s fault so blame him. And he definitely has the McDonald’s wifi.

Abi: Well, This is a very easy question, the laggiest person in IW is Swirl. Every time he chats, He’s always a conversation behind and his wifi is like McDonald’s!! I as well have some proof :iwpray:

Yeah, I think we should all know the answer to this question if we’ve ever spent at least a minute in the main chat with Swirl. He lags 24/7, and I don’t mean that as an exaggeration.

The next question has to do with our events.  Speaking of events, we have a few active events right now! Go check them out!

Chevy: What are your favorite things about events in IW?

ReddyRed: My favorite things about IW events are the voice commanding, the quite sincere leadership/writing tactics in chat, and how they make a kids game fun for all ages 🙂

Rein: My favorite thing must be the accepting, non-toxic and welcoming community! IW has been like that one missing puzzle piece in my life. Then it’s the events, Roblox, Minecraft, Kahoot, etc. It’s just so fun to do it!

Levelz: Okie :3 My favorite things about events :pikathink: I’d say leading tactics and being able to vc lead are my favorite things by far, they’re so fun to do. And I think my favorite events have to be the showdowns because coming up with tactics for those are so fun and it’s really nice to take part in those battles because they’re always so close.

What are your favorite things about events? Comment down below what you think!

Now it’s time for the most controversial question that MIGHT get me demoted. I’m scared, but I’m brave (I think).

Chevy: Is IceQueen the real Elsa, or is she an impersonator?

HeadChicken: Well, IceQueen is totally an impersonator the reason being is how could one be a LIT for IW and be a CPR mascot? That’s too much for one to handle so therefore she is not the real Elsa.

DrQueen: Excellent Question, SHE IS AN IMPOSTER. IceQueen has been committed identity theft and I’ve reported it so many times but nobody would listen to me!! Now, IceQueen would agree with me that it’s very important to be yourself, am I right? IceQueen’s status is “Love yourself :elsa: ” but is she really loving her when she is pretending to be somebody else? So IceQueen is IceQueen. Why would she be somebody who she is not? It’s just going against her own advice. Therefore, IceQueen is the fake Elsa. There can only be one Elsa and its Elsa from the movie frozen. Therefore my statement holds water :hmm~4: :noelsa:

Freedomist: She is in fact an impersonator. I know for certain she is not the real Elsa. After all, Elsa is a Disney princess and IceQueen is far from it, she’s just covering up her real identity – IceCommie. She is no monarch nor a Disney character. I believe this is a rare phenomenon where someone called IceQueen believes she is a Disney princess after naming her penguin IceQueen a decade ago. I’m also certain she is not Elsa because she always uses her infamous Elsa emote :elsa: (:noelsa:). I do not believe she would send an emote of herself that many times. In fact, she has certainly sent it over 1000 times this year alone. Barely a quarter of the year in and she has already sent the Elsa emote that many times. Do you believe she would REALLY send an emote of herself that many times? Of course not! She just cannot cope with the fact that Elsa is a fictional character and that she is not the real Elsa, there is only one Elsa and that’s the fictional Disney character in the movie Frozen.

Now that I think about it, maybe IceQueen is Anna.

That’s all for today, folks! I hope you enjoyed the post, comment down below what you would’ve answered!

7 Responses

  1. Chevy, Headchicken, DrQueen and Freedomist you are hereby couped!👿 (jk jk – not really – na maybe – hm) I’m not pretending to be somebody else, I am The Real Elsa. Period.

    The cold never bothered me anyway. (Slams door)

    🤣Jokes aside this was an amazing article Chevy! <3💙

    Liked by 1 person

  2. icequeen is real elsa she is amazing and no one will ever convince me otherwise

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Icequeen a faker

    Liked by 1 person

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