Easter Egg Hunt 2021!

Hey Ice Warriors,

For this Easter Weekend, I prepared a fun Easter Egg hunt for you guys. You all had three days to search for a dozen eggs in our Discord server and on our website! Let’s see where they were!

IW Website

Hall of Fame: Leaders

Egg design by Kally

Empire: Ice Warriors’ Relations

Egg design by Levelz

March Madness Finals Result post

Egg design by Shinde

Pages: Chat

Egg design by Subster

NewCP Cheats: Newest Post

Egg design by HeadChicken

IW Discord

Blizzard / Polar Pins

Egg design by Levelz

Egg design by Levelz


Main Chat Pins

Egg design by Subster


Egg design by Yeyprodigy

Help Desk

Egg design by Yeyprodigy

Club Penguin Cheats

Egg design by Crisy

Pets Pins

Egg design by Crisy

Bot Commands

Egg design by IceQueen

A big thank you goes out to our designers: Kally, Levelz, Shinde, Subster, Yeyprodigy, Crisy, HeadChicken and IceQueen!

The eggs will stay there for a couple more days, so you can check them for yourself! How many were you able to find? Let us know in the comment section below!

Until next time, and as always…


3 Responses

  1. Loool, gg & awesome job to all those who found the eggs! xD




  3. i didnt design them lol they’re from cp i just removed the background


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