IW Graphics Tournament: Round 1

Hey there Ice Warriors!

As you may have seen already, the GFX department of IW is hosting a tournament! A whopping 20 people signed up, keep reading this post to find the bracket and the theme for the first round!

GFX by Subster (with red text added by me OOP)

Now, since the numbers don’t add up quite that perfectly yet, eight lucky participants automatically proceed to the second round. NB! You are still asked to submit a work of digital gfx for both rounds. You and the person you are paired up with will be judged based on the work you submit for both rounds (1 and 2). Here is the bracket:


Deadline: Sunday, July 11th, 11:59PM EST (no extensions!)

For Round 1, your assignment is to create a banner for the Ice Warriors! The most important part is to do it in your style, show us who you are and where your talents lie! You have 4 days’ time, once you are done, please submit the GFX to @kally#0001 in DMs. The next round will be announced on Monday.

Best of luck and heaps of creativity to you all!


3 Responses

  1. Oooo, so exciting!!!
    Since my name is already placed in Round 2, do I skip this week or do I do both?


  2. I’m so excited tooo Aaa good luck everyoneeee 💕


  3. Sounds Super Fun! oh and. JustAshley, I Think We Do Both.


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