Trivia Thursday #23

Why hello there Ice Warriors

With the dangerously warm weather of summer in the northern parts of the globe and the chill winds of winter down south, we are slowly but surely, approaching the so expected Legends Cup XI. Our constant successful invasions of the CPAN Server Map serve us great practice for the upcoming tournament. Great job all of you!

As the title says, today is Trivia Thursday! The game where you can earn snowflakes by answering 5 or more simple questions! But before we proceed to the game, let us take a moment to congratulate the three who had given the answers first from the previous Trivia Thursday! There were sadly no winners, but it’s not an excuse to shout out these three. I would like to congratulate Kally, Et3rnal_Vo1d, and reddyrediw! Let’s take a look at the answers.

1. Answer can vary- Josh, Alucard, Purple, Drqueen, and Kally are some examples.

2. False- Spikey was the 14th leader in the army’s entire history.

3. Ice Burgh24, Ephris, Hillman, Drumline, Sriv007

4. Tricky question! The answer is 3

5. Levelz or Kristina

6. March Madness 2021

7.  ‘I don’t think so bub

For those who may be new to these types of articles, let me explain… Trivia Thursday is a weekly game where there would be 5+ different questions, which can vary between True or False, Fill the blank, Who is? or/and multiple-choice, which you can answer in the comment section right below this post. By doing so, if you answer all 5+ questions correctly, and you are one of the first 3 people to answer, you earn SNOWFLAKES, which are our server’s currency. With SNOWFLAKES you can buy a variety of roles in the shop found in #bot-commands. Or save them and be part of the Top 10 leaderboard with the most snowflakes. Now without further ado, let us proceed with this week’s questions…

1.) Which out of the 23 IW bots, is often referred to as annoying, especially amongst Staff?

2.) Who currently holds the title of TOTW? (Troop of the Week)

3.) Name 3 IW Champions. Both Old and New Generation.

4.) How many snowflakes does the Ice Royalty Role cost?

5.) Which Staff member is also known as ur mom?

6.) Name the Staff in Training member that recently received the Staff Role.

Can you answer these simple questions? If you can, make sure to leave your answers in the comment section below this post! Remember that only the first 3 people to answer correctly will receive SNOWFLAKES. Also, it is worth mentioning the recent win of England against Denmark in the EURO Cup, good luck to England in the finals!

Make sure you keep a close eye on #events-information and #announcements for updates on Invasions, Practice Battles, and fun activities! Until then, keep on being awesome and chill.

Shinzou Wo Sasageyo

5 Responses

  1. 1.) MEE6

    2.) Lucyy

    3.) SnowSkitter, Lemonade1Sonic, Firestar

    4.) 12k

    5.) Nathan

    6.) Penguin


  2. 1.) MEE6
    2.) Lucyy
    3.) snow the 2nd, DrQueen, Dizzy
    4.) 12,000
    5.) TheNathanBoy
    6.) penguin recently just got the Staff role, Eternal just recently became a full staff


  3. Mee6
    Snow, drqueen, dizzy


  4. 1.) ,mee6
    2.) lucyy
    3.) dizzy, snow, firestar
    4.) 12,000
    5.) nathan
    6.) penguin <33


  5. MEE6
    DrQueen, Dizzy, snow
    penguin and eternal (penguin got staff role and eternal became full staff)
    im sori if im a bit late :oop:


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