Weekly Recap: May 1st – 7th

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

Once came an Ice Empire that attacked the planet of CPAB with their events! Let’s check out to see what the Ice Empire had in store for them this week!

Congrats to Ice Warriors for placing #2 on the Top Ten Board in CPAN!

Congrats to Mogi4 on his promotion to Lieutenant General!

[EU/US] The Purge

Max: 36

[EU/US] Star Wars Day with RPF

Max: 20

[US] A day at the beach

Max: 27

[EU/US] Practice Battle with ACP & TCP

Max: 26

7th may tcpraid fail

That’s all for now Ice Empire!

Thank you to Kally & Levelz for helping collect the pictures!

3 Responses

  1. don’t lie to yourselves: you aren’t an eu powerhouse anymore lol 💀


    • succeed with an eu raid on us then chat about not being an eu powerhouse


      • We both know the Templar Empire would’ve succeeded during our past encounter if it weren’t for CPAB’s infinite loading screen bug.


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