Training & Recruiting – Results

Hey IW,

Today we had a small training session on Sub Zero then we moved to the server Ice Berg for a recruiting session. We maxed 13 and averaged somewhere around 10. This may not have been our best event but you need to make sure you attend as much events as you can. Some mods left before the event and I was really disappointed.

Here are the pics from the event provided by me:

Jokes in Line – 10 on CP

E+7 Winks – 10 on CP

Recruiting Session – 13 on CP (Count the blue penguins)

Comment if you came!

~Sammie~ (IW 3ic)

5 Responses

  1. i was there for like 5-10 minutes. sorry was late. ❤


  2. awesome


  3. really awesome i was little late too


  4. ;(


  5. Sammie can I get a demotion please


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