Troop of the week #2

Hey IW,

Another week has gone pass and it’s Saturday which means it time to announce the Troop of the Week! So many troops have been working hard this week which meant it will really hard to choose only 1 troop. But we have come to a conclusion….

The Troop of the week is…


Summer has been a great troop! She hasn’t been in IW that long but she’s already been very loyal and active. She has been attending all events and has been very interactive on chat. Congrats Summer and I wish you the best of luck in earning your mod rank!


If you want to earn TOTW then make sure you are attending all the battles and on chat everyday! That’s all!

~Sammie~ (That guy who got demoted)


2 Responses

  1. Good job Summer_Sun you deserved it


  2. Congratulations Summer Sun. You have done well in your time here as a part of this gargantuan army.


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