smh DCP

Hey Ice Warriors,

So in our AUSIA defense, our pictures clearly show that the Ice Warriors won against Doritos. These 2 pictures alone prove that IW won.



But when I check Doritos’ site, almost all of their pictures showed that the Ice Warriors were CROPPED OUT. Doritos, are you this desperate?

Here are some of the pictures providing evidence that Doritos cropped us out.

invasion of crystal8

invasion of crystal5

Wow, Doritos. I didn’t know you guys would destroy and tarnish your reputation more than it already was just with these signs of cowardliness. Here are the REAL pictures of the above DCP cropped out, showing more of the battlefield.



Clearly, by taking a glimpse of these pictures, you can already see that the Doritos were smaller and were actually the losers of the AUSIA battle.


4 Responses

  1. Wow. That’s just going to hurt them more than it helps them.


  2. #REKT @DCP


  3. lol even nachos have a better ausia than DCP 😎


  4. I had to sleep.


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