Hello brave soldiers!

Today we fought Doritos on the server Snowcap, and successfully defended our server. You guys all did amazing today, and it’s great to see that we just keep getting better and better thanks to all of you!

We maxed 41 and averaged 36 at todays event in the UK defence of Snowcap 

As well as the other pool

We started the event on the Ice Berg, where we utterly dominated and defeated DCP.

Afterwards, DCP retreated to the town. Again, we completely destroyed them, more than doubling their size.

After we beat DCP for a second time, they retreated (again) to the Snow Forts. Of course, we were just as amazing here.

DCP also logged off early on THEIR OWN INVASION!

Overall, this was a fantastic event. Let’s keep up the good work, and make sure we consistently do well across all three divisions. I’d also like to thank Phamtastic, Final Chaser and Ghost for pictures.

Sir Pj

IW 3ic

11 Responses

  1. I came and we destroyed them! We crunched those ignorant doritos.


  2. WE WON! i still can’t beleive DCP think they won…


  3. They thought they won xD


  4. I came! 😀


  5. we won


  6. I cant believe they think they won


  7. I came! I can’t believe they think they won, I said that we won and they started calling IW names xD And they also said we couldn’t handle the truth, hahah


  8. I wish i made it.


  9. I came


  10. CAME 😀


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