Troop of the week #7

Hey IW,

Another week has gone by which means it’s time for another Troop of the week! Many troops have been working hard this week to ensure that we defeat the Doritos. Continue reading for this weeks troop of the week!

The Troop of the week is….


Phineas has been an outstanding troop for our army. He has been attending all events and is very interactive on chat. She wakes up early to attend AUSIA events and goes on the IW chat during school. That is some loyalty! Great job Phineas!

That’s all for this weeks Troop of the week! Want to get TOTW? All you have to do is be active, recruit and attend all events!

~Sammie~ (IW 3ic)

4 Responses

  1. Congrats Phin! Love ya girl! You totally deserve this, you are an awesome warrior! 😀


  2. Congrats Phin!!!


  3. YAY PHIN!! u deserve this!!!


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