Week in Review (03/30/15 – 04/04/15)

Hey IW,

This week we’ve been at war with the evil, stupid, rubbish Doritos. Read on to find out all the battles that we won (and of course all the events we had this week!)

[UK/US] Aid of Nachos [This was the LT invasion of Fjord]  *TOP 10 PIC*

Max: 45 (had 8 lockouts in plaza) ||| Average: 35

[AUSIA] Defense of Below Zero (Victory!)

Max: 21 II Averaged: 15

ausia3[UK/USA] Defense of Ascent (Victory!)

Max: 35 II Averaged: 30

[USA] Defense of Freezer (Victory!)

Max: 31 II Averaged: 27


[AUSIA] Invasion of Big Surf (Victory!)

Max: 17 II Averaged: 15


[UK] Defense of Hockey (Victory!)

Max: 23 II Averaged: 20


[USA] Defense of Ice Cream (Victory!)

Max: 35 II Averaged: 30+

[AUSIA] Defense of Crystal (Victory!)

Max: 9 II Averaged: 7


[UK] Defense of Snowball (Victory!)

Max: 30 II Averaged: 25

[USA] Defense of South Pole (Loss!)

Max: 25 II Averaged: 20 (TBC)

[AUSIA] Defense of Mountain (Draw!)

Max: 14 II Averaged: 10


[UK] Defense of Snowcap (Victory!)

Max: 40 II Averaged: 35

[USA] Defense of Sleet (Victory!)

Max: 25 II Averaged: 20

[UK/US] Defense of Sub Zero (Victory!)

Max: 47 || Averaged: 37 (had many lockouts can be confirmed by albaro and lorenzo)

[US] Invasion of FOG (victory!)

Max: 35 || Average: 30

Amazing week Ice Warriors. We only lost 1 battle and we tied in 1 battle during this war which means that we are winning! Great job everyone. Lets continue winning the war next week until the Doritos beg for a treaty!

~Sammie~ (IW 3ic)

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  1. Nice job Ice Warriors! Lets do it again next week 😉


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