Invasion of Parka [Results]

Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we invaded the server Parka from the Doritos of Club Penguin. Our UK force stormed into the server prepared to take on the Doritos UK force.. which wasn’t hard to say the least. The Doritos were trying to avoid us during the entire battle (except when did a quick attack on us when we were attacking plaza). We only came into contact with the Doritos once during the entire 30 minutes. Their sad attempt of defending the Plaza was an utter failure. They tried to E+T bomb plaza while we had a plus formation and we completely engulfed them with a large Joke counter tactic. They tried to sit on our plus formation, so i quickly ordered the Ice Warriors to form a circle and brewed up some quick emoticon tactics. We made them retreat to the Beach in a matter of 5 minutes. After that we attacked ice berg, cove, and the forest without coming into contact with any Dorito troops.

Mustapha(dcp side leader) knows he can’t beat IW fair and square so he tries his best to hide from us and claim victory even though they got destroyed by the Ice Warriors.

Max 34

Average: 27

Pictures below:




Capturing town

Yup, you were supposed to defend town!

Jokes in line



Dcp retreating from Plaza



Don’t Freeze up!


Whenever a DCP troop admits defeat, the DCP leadership bans them. How sad.

DCP using the ban to erase method to delete the message Abracadandy said… i guess the word ‘defeat’ is truly not in their vocabulary lol


This was another great victory for our UK division. You guys have really stepped it up! The IW leadership is extremely proud of all of you!

Keep up the great work,

~Andrew24 Leader of the Ice Warriors

5 Responses

  1. I came. Good job IW. Parka is ours!


  2. I would’ve come, but l slept in. );


  3. I Attended, Good job ice warrior!!! 🙂


  4. I came! 😀


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