Will be inactive for a bit.

Hey Ice Warriors,

Here’s the reason why l am inactive.

1. As what the title says it all – l am stepping down for a bit, and will be able to come back on Tuesday or Wednesday, if not l have family issues for a bit because my mom always wanted me for help in my house to clean stuff, and to make it things perfectly.

2. I also apologized for not being able to be active for the last 2 days ago, l was working at cafeteria in school 2 days ago, and l was very sick yesterday. But as of today, l am still sick and l will be ok soon. I also am going to see my dad tomorrow.

3. My mom’s friend has cancer and l have to help her friend out, so she can smile on her face. She has been losing her hair, her eyelashes, and her eyebrows.

So yeah, I feel bad for her – but as what my mom said on facebook – with the donations of 5 million to beat her friend of cancer foundation for donations are $4, 050, which isn’t that bad! Im pretty impressive on Facebook of family and friends! I hope you’ll understand this guys, and l am not happy on the #2 one.

I hope l will be there Ice Warriors! Good-luck at the battle field folks!

3 Responses

  1. Aww good luck kyle


  2. Best wishes


  3. Good luck to her, Kyle. I hope something can be done to fix this.


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