Enough is enough

Just to put this shortly, the fighting in this army has to stop. Just because we’re out of a war doesn’t mean people within the army should start clawing at each other. In the past week we have lost 2 leaders. Not because of fighting, but because of real life situations.

Just because we lost 2 leaders doesn’t mean we’re going to collapse. The reason we would collapse is because of the fighting. Unfortunately I’m on temp leave, and won’t return until the beginning of May. To be honest if I wasn’t on temp leave I could have sorted this out and prevented the fights from happening. But like any other human being, I can’t be everywhere at once.

A few words about the people involved in the fight:

Andrew: As leader, he was trying to do his job. I know a lot of people have different opinions on him, and some people don’t like him at all. But to those people out there, you have to realize that Andrew has been working the hardest to improve the army. I know some of his methods can be tweaked, you have to understand that he wasn’t TRYING to kill IW in anyway.

Mortico/Soni/Beast: I don’t know how the hell the fight started, but it has to stop now. I’m pretty sure the 3 of you will be owner ranks at the same time, and this type of behavior can’t go on if you’re leading IW. There needs to be no more fighting, no more bullying, no more name calling, no more sarcasm, etc.

From this point on, if people want to leave, then so be it. If people truly care about an army then they’ll be the bigger person and end a fight on their own. On top of that, they also won’t leave over certain people unless there is a serious reason.

The Ice Warriors are on the brink of collapse. My hands are completely tied right now and there is very little I can do until I return to help you guys out. It is up to YOU, the entire army as a whole, to get IW out of this mess. You need to be on a clean plate with each other start fresh. We are a CP army, created for battling OTHER armies, not ourselves.

If you’re more concerned of a rank in the army or chat over caring about the survival IW, then I recommend you leave my army now.

Apologize. Start fresh. Move on.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

4 Responses


    Okay now seriously: If you hate on me on xat I will just ignore you simple as that.


  2. Icey, if you tell people to apologize, the apology they’ll give would be forced and faked. I wouldn’t accept one of those, just saying.


  3. Thank you Icey. Finally somebody is bringing this to attention and trying to end it. I totally agree. And again, thank you! 🙂


  4. Large, massive, huge, strong… Those were the old days… But it’s like life blew the fuse… #saveiw2015 Fingers crossed or flippers or whatever…


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