UK Training Session – Results

Hey Ice Warriors,

Today we logged onto Sub Zero for a training session. We maxed 19 and averaged 14. Decent work IW!

This is not our best weekend event and I know we can do better. You need to start attending events and recruiting more. I know we’ve been in a slump lately but all I ask you is to start attending battles and recruit. There will be promotions, memberships and temp mod for those troops who work hard. I know we can be the number 1 army again but all we need is YOUR dedication and loyalty.

Thanks to Ghost for the pics.




Comment if you came!

~Sammie~ (IW 2ic)

5 Responses

  1. I came 🙂


  2. I came, but I had to leave in the middle of the training.


  3. I attended , decent job ice warriors. We gotta work harder please.


  4. I didn’t came, but good Job Ice Warriors. UK ON RISE 2015


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